We are a design firm in Thessaloniki Greece. We can find us at fractal.gr (in Greek language only)

Stockillustrations.info is the place we index and showcase our stock illustration.

You can search our collection or browse by category.

You can also license our images directly with paypal, or find links to agencies under each illustration.

File formats – specifications

All illustrations are vector illustrator 8.0 eps files for maximum compatibility.

All our vectors are ready for print using a CMYK color space. They are created with the less possible objects and nodes for easy editing. Most of them use limited color pallet for the same reason. Only simple linear gradiends have been used where needed to improve shading or give a three dimensional look.

So its easy to edit and use them with vinyl cut machines or in silk screen printing.

You can edit our images in your favorite vector editing program like illustrator, Coreldraw, Xara, Inkscape etc.

There are no transparency or other effects (blends, shades, radial gradients etc) that can’t render correctly in an older version of your illustrating program.

Not into vector?
1. Most agencies sells also a high resolution jpg of our illustrations.
or 2. You can have a bitmap rendering – in your prefered resolution – importing the eps file to Photoshop.